What for trends! Spring 2014 | Tribal message, Metallic for daytime & Art Pop.

In my last post, Spring 2014 | Check pattern & Cie., I wrote about patterns. Having distanced myself from it and made some research, I noticed that fashion seemed to be bored with “classical“ patterns. Perhaps Art fell in love with Fashion. The three following trends could be the off(spring) of their meeting.

Celine – “Just power, power to women !“ New. New atmosphere. New fluidity. New Celine. Length rules its catwalk: long tops and long skirts. It could feel heavy ; it is not. Every look brings lightness, somehow. Welcome as well with its collection textile graffiti. Controlled ones, obviously, getting nearer an ethnic scent. Do not be scared, thinking The Celine’ classic touch disappeared. You guess it “beyond“, in the shape – coats speak for themselves. With regards to its range of jewelry, it gets bigger and brighter. Like it, don’t you ?

Haider Ackermann – #classicdraping Thrown here into a darker universe, do not doubt. It is still spring – no colorful flowers anywhere does not necessarily mean no spring at all – Miranda Presley would not deny it. Art appears in here through material. Everything is sober on one hand, but on the other one complexMetallictransparentpleated and fluid. According to Diane Pernet (A Shaded View on Fashion), it was “kind of what we expect“ : a refined style. The show is shiny, that is a fact. But, isn’t it “uplifting“, as said Ed Burtell (Liberty of London) ? Among the three here selected brands, this one is certainly my favorite, just because its liberty in material means elegance, so that springtime looses its flowery romantic “cliché”. And oh, God, that’s good !

Isa Arfen – Eye on skirt SS14 at Isa Arfen is synonym with white light and bright shades. It has subtletly mastered paintbrush on skirts and crop tops, indeed. Art Pop plays with transparency as well as at Haider Ackermann, but not the same showing less and being wiser. The look glides along the silhouette because bright colors here are soft and material obedient. A Saharan foretaste… we melt !


Sources : Vogue British & Isa Arfen


Belstaff, Donna Karan, Maiyet & Versace Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.




ImageWear fur or go home.

After “go big or go home”, that means to maximize your coats (because all we care about this season is the outside and not what is under), it is the turn of fur. Yes, I KNOW, this is NOT THAT KIND for the concerning animals, but there is the “faux fur” alternative those for who would feel bad wearing such a coat. On the other hand, we can not deny that it gives a certain presence.

Belstaff prefers to stay more or less classical, but at the same time comfortable in using fur from part to part, especially emphasizing on the hood ; this breaks the classical rules with a casual touch. And we love it ! Just because the leather-fur mix  in such a mysterious dark brown-black color is young and dynamic. And look at these boots ! You want them… yes, I know, I know. Feminine and elegant, but also adventurer, ready to face up to winter 2013-14. Good choice.

Donna Karan. Fur, as well, but something different, isn’t it ? I would first suppose suede… you guess what follows. Donna Karan’s look is really really noble ; almost proud. Come on ! Not THAT arrogant (only the little bit we need to make our worst enemy jealous… pleasurable). Second, the length: assymetric, longer than Belstaff’s coat and graphic, that’s the point. These high-knee boots are simply gorgeous and match exactly the whole look.

Last but not least, those for who prefer to wear fur subtlety, the next option is for you. Maiyet and Versace sublime their looks in adding some fur accessorizes; it is more discrete, but not less elegant. It is only a different way to play with this game that is fashion. Because we are all different, take everything you can from the runways, mix, match… and find your style.


Source photographies : Vogue UK

Matthew Williamson, Albino & Cedric Charlier Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.




It goes larger, larger & larger.

Time for geometric and ample coats, as well as large pants. You are not “easy to get” women, right ? So prefer the others guessing your sexy silhouette, hidden under extra large materials, instead of showing it directly (too easy). Nobody said fashion could not be a game, or even a kind of hunt after figures. Dress also “un peu à la garçon” like Alexa, Lou and company because we all know how sexy we are in our boyfriend’s white T-shirt (of course with a skinny jean and high heels ; T-shirt “in” in the front, please!).

Since 2010 silhouettes are oversized, unstructured, but always elegant. In the past years, clothes were more like a “second skin” (from the 2000’s). In the 70’s, androgyny was the trend with the famous YSL smoking. 20 years later, do some place, please, for sexy sheath dresses. Today’s fashion seems to cover the body more than in the past few years… it does not mean we are less beautiful and feminine ! Big shoulders are back… maybe not exactly like in the 80’s, but with the same meaning : “audacity & power”.


Sources photography : Now Fashion, Vogue Italia & Vogue UK.

3.1. Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.



3.1. Phillip Lim A:W 2013-14 RTW details

Smile like a vamp, consume Autumn 2013.

We want asymmetry, we want hairs, we want patterns ! Mix without excess. Mix & match, try & shine. And calm down (not to tire the eyes) in wearing some leather (always a sure value). Concerning accessories, 3.1. Phillip Lim chose sobriety with preppy black leather shoulder bags. The body needs some liberty, space ; movement is synonym of amplitude. Wear large coats and be aware that Winter 2013 expect you to dare : maxi length is permitted. Don’t think too much, don’t hesitate too long, but act! (be the first and make them all jealous!)

Colors stay in nude and neutral shades, but an illuminating touch would not be denied. Not at all. Kaki fur on a black leather bag, complete petrol coat and, last but not least, imposing geometric earrings. Ok, we want to look natural, but we won’t forget the little detail that boost our whole look.

We love wearing shorts in winter ! It is feminine, refreshing and fashionable. Prefer the large ones because more elegant. Classical in every circumstances if you choose the perfect length (mid-tigh). 3.1. Phillip Lim also teaches us how to match the color of our shorts to the one of pretty details on our shirt. Doesn’t he ?

Time for eyebrows to get wild ; don’t try to domesticate them. Want Cara’s mischievous look ? Brush your eyebrows in giving them some dynamic. That’s it ! Autumn 2013 wants you to be sophisticated, but, of course, not too much, break the rules with your savage side then. Play with both and you’ll get THE look ! 


Sources photographies : Vogue Italia & Selectism

On the runway of Tracy Rees Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


Back to business !

Far, far away the beach, the sun, cocktails & beautiful strangers ? Like a summertime sadness in the air ? Don’t feel depressed like that, girls. Summer is maybe gone, but winter has not arrived… not yet. There is before it this short and sweet time where Burberry’s trench coats, leather jackets and company are your best friends. Aren’t they ? We are all delighted about it : let’s put on our favorite leather jacket in the morning, take it off for the lunch and appreciate it again in the evening, a pretty thin scarf twisted around our neck.  I know, I know, the weather is not that nice during this time of the year, because changing, even capricious.

Anyway. Nude is the 2013 Fall’s color. Some could think that it is not a color. Well… sometimes, you know, natural but sophisticated simplicity should be preferred rather than color’s excess. Enjoy then the last warm hours, remaining of summer 2013, in wearing some natural materials. We want softness. You also have to know that WHITE will be one of the surprises of this winter. Why should we have to reserve it for the summer, indeed ? We are in 2013, please!

I did not have so much time during the summer to write on my blog (because of my studies), that’s why I wanted you to know : ” Now, I’m back! “. Would you mind if I told you “Haute Couture”? See you very soon everyone…


Source photography : It’s milk and honey