Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-14 : Armani Privé & Giambattista Valli.


ImageUnder volume, fragile femininity.

You may say that there are no similarities between these two looks, not all. Don’t you ? Hmmm…

Hair are completely different as well as shoes ; that’s a fact. The silhouette is enhanced in the same way, yet. Look at the waist… two belts for one and unique slim figure. Giorgio Armani and Giambattista Valli both offer you to shine in the very soon arriving cold with a fresh make up. Delighted about next winter ? You should.

I admit these looks are quite dissimilar, however, the same desire to express femininity and sensuality through volume should be noticed. That’s the reason why I decided to put them together. Armani’s pink vaporous coat breaks off woman’s sensual curves, while Giambattista Valli’s pearl grey dress conceals hips, but subtly attracts the look on them (letting you guess them, actually). Because both designers chose to play with volumes, they preferred to stay sober concerning accessories. The attitude is already part of them. As well as details : golden pumps, golden clutch’s components at Armani and black belt, black pumps at Giambattista Valli.

They also highlighted the contrast between materials : “froufrou” Valli’s underskirt raises the pleated part of the dress, what does not weigh down the figure, but on the contrary gives to it dynamic. And we love it !  Feeling like Alice in Wonderland never killed nobody. On the other hand, Armani’s atmosphere is more like a “gangster’s paradise” with, of course, the perfect femme fatale it includes : fur versus silk, firmness versus softness. Fashion is all about contradiction : un “je t’aime moi non plus”… 


Sources photographies : It’s between me & fashion & Une libanaise à Paris.


Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-14 : Alexandre Vauthier & Bouchra Jarrar.



Choose your side : black or white ?

La Haute Couture.

A fairy tale in our grey and gloomy everyday. Need of evasion ? Dive into this world of creativity, elegance, sobriety & liberty. Be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear, and the others… it doesn’t matter.

Alexandre Vauthier and Bouchra Jarrar created for you the strength you need to affirm the powerful woman you are (or could be). Narrow waist blazer, rolled up sleeves or not, it depends on your mood : a “yes” if you want to “rock” your look, a “no” if you prefer to stay classical and keep your fragile pretty wrists hidden. “Wear pants”, because Today’s woman knows how to assume her femininity without skirts or dresses. Vauthier offers a kind of black silky harem pants (in preference) those for have long and thin legs, while Jarrar follows the classical way with some traditional white-creme carrot pants to extend the silhouette.

Asymmetric belt at Vauthier & chained one at Jarrar. Which one will be yours ? The first sort is already part of the pants and look more sophisticated ; the second one comes closer to the “officer” style, asymmetric as well, like a sparkling jewel hanging on your waist.

I don’t want to influence you at all, but be aware that you will be nothing more than simply fashionable wearing WHITE this winter. Dare ! And impress. (As well as fur and feathers.)

What is the most important to show this season ? Your face. Play with hair and make up : byzantin, classe, bleu, nude, aristocratique, audacieux, chargé or mutin, make up can be of any type. The choice is large. Be imaginative, be fresh for Autumn/Winter 2013-14 ! 


Sources photographies : Au Petit Imprévu & Be.