Spring 2014 | Check pattern & cie.

Spring 2014 is finally here and it seems that our wardrobes are stormed by a rainbow of patterns. Mix and match them depending on your mood of the day and desire : check meets stripestartan points at fur and stripes slip on suit.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014

If you wear black and white patterns, no matter the type, you choose elegance (just like below below). Therefore, set off the whole with colorful accessories like both red Chanel and Valentino bags. Of course, you can as well opt completely for the classical look and at the same time make it offbeat with an oversized clutch.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – New York Fashion Week 06.-13.02.2014


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – Milan Fashion Week 17.-23.02.2014

At designers… Balmain ruled the catwalk with hounders toothCaroline Herrera preferred stripes and floral geometry while Vanessa Bruno went back to school – or to the 70s patterns. If you are a stripes lover, have a look at Altuzarra collection; Burberry if you are in a pastel macaroons and lace mood. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac revisited the military pattern and if Jena.Theo does not sound familiar to you, human skeleton has become a new fashion design. Si, si…


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014


Photography : Vogue.de



3.1. Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.



3.1. Phillip Lim A:W 2013-14 RTW details

Smile like a vamp, consume Autumn 2013.

We want asymmetry, we want hairs, we want patterns ! Mix without excess. Mix & match, try & shine. And calm down (not to tire the eyes) in wearing some leather (always a sure value). Concerning accessories, 3.1. Phillip Lim chose sobriety with preppy black leather shoulder bags. The body needs some liberty, space ; movement is synonym of amplitude. Wear large coats and be aware that Winter 2013 expect you to dare : maxi length is permitted. Don’t think too much, don’t hesitate too long, but act! (be the first and make them all jealous!)

Colors stay in nude and neutral shades, but an illuminating touch would not be denied. Not at all. Kaki fur on a black leather bag, complete petrol coat and, last but not least, imposing geometric earrings. Ok, we want to look natural, but we won’t forget the little detail that boost our whole look.

We love wearing shorts in winter ! It is feminine, refreshing and fashionable. Prefer the large ones because more elegant. Classical in every circumstances if you choose the perfect length (mid-tigh). 3.1. Phillip Lim also teaches us how to match the color of our shorts to the one of pretty details on our shirt. Doesn’t he ?

Time for eyebrows to get wild ; don’t try to domesticate them. Want Cara’s mischievous look ? Brush your eyebrows in giving them some dynamic. That’s it ! Autumn 2013 wants you to be sophisticated, but, of course, not too much, break the rules with your savage side then. Play with both and you’ll get THE look ! 


Sources photographies : Vogue Italia & Selectism

On the runway of Josie Natori Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


josie-natori_001SS 2013 RTW

Snow white & the Sun.

Summer is about to come ladies ! Why not try the “all in white” look ? No need of the color block’s style. Pretty transparency and nice prints, this is your turn ! And because you are all in white, choose a fresh and natural make up : a blue line of eyeliner and that’s it !

Garbo’s pants and a high waist skirt : classical but very elegant and comfortable at the same time. The clothes are ample which is more Pleasant during the summer time. Because of this amplitude in the material (and the heat), prefer a plated bun that you can embellish with some little (or big for those who are not afraid of anything!) flowers.

It is all in simplicity. The only one eccentric touch in the looks is the big bronze bracelet for the first one and the green silky pumps for the second one. Stay natural to the bitter end and adopt a classy french manicure to conserve this angelic aura.

Dare the “all in white” ! It will give you a healthy look and you will dazzle the street with your freshness.


Source photography : Vogue Italia 

On the runway of Anne Valerie Hash Spring Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


Rock’n’fresh. And shiny.

This is a luminous outfit, chic but comfortable. It is feminine and powerful. The jacket’s design is geometric, strong and leads the eyes all along the body. The jacket’s points cross each other at the top of the figure, near the face. It creates a nice effect because it draws the attention to the eyes : intensified make up at the eyes corners and a subtile blush touch on the cheeks.

Each detail counts : the pumps follow the style of the whole look. They are worked with different sorts of curves and openings. It shows geometric parts of skin what gives an impression of drawings on the feet.

The chosen color is very nice. It is not too flashy but quite elegant and soft. The brightness of the material is the most important point : it is refreshing, that means “perfect for Spring”.

Romantic ? Yes, maybe. Look better…


Source photography : Vogue Italia