Matthew Williamson, Albino & Cedric Charlier Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.




It goes larger, larger & larger.

Time for geometric and ample coats, as well as large pants. You are not “easy to get” women, right ? So prefer the others guessing your sexy silhouette, hidden under extra large materials, instead of showing it directly (too easy). Nobody said fashion could not be a game, or even a kind of hunt after figures. Dress also “un peu à la garçon” like Alexa, Lou and company because we all know how sexy we are in our boyfriend’s white T-shirt (of course with a skinny jean and high heels ; T-shirt “in” in the front, please!).

Since 2010 silhouettes are oversized, unstructured, but always elegant. In the past years, clothes were more like a “second skin” (from the 2000’s). In the 70’s, androgyny was the trend with the famous YSL smoking. 20 years later, do some place, please, for sexy sheath dresses. Today’s fashion seems to cover the body more than in the past few years… it does not mean we are less beautiful and feminine ! Big shoulders are back… maybe not exactly like in the 80’s, but with the same meaning : “audacity & power”.


Sources photography : Now Fashion, Vogue Italia & Vogue UK.