Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | 2 “C“ : Casually & Classy.

Here I am again! Finally ! I am entirely aware of the fact that I haven’t written that much since the begin of 2014. The reason is that university is taking a lot of my time, especially during the exams period. I apologize for it but, I know that I publish posts in a irregular way ; this will unfortunately be like this until the end of my degree. On the other hand I shall do my best to write more and more. 

It’s time now to start a new one ! I am so excited to write again, you can’t even know how much I am !

As I am supposed to write more posts for men, I selected some casual looks at four designers in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Those outfits are [or seem to be] really comfortable. It sounds as well that the one-coloured is going to rule this springtime. It is quite unusual for some of you, guys, who do not trust themselves “that“ much. Try once, dare it!  You could be surprised and really like it !


The first one [above] is from ALEXANDER WANG. Black is always a sure value, you can not go wrong wearing a « all in black » look. Promise. It can be boring for some of you but if you watch the collar and the patch pockets are in leather. They are details indeed but, make dynamic the uniformity of the whole. That’s subtle… which is cool.


The second one is a TRUSSARDI‘s look. So that you know, the designer wanted to create an oasis atmosphere, like the models would had crashed into a desert. That is why they had to represent an elegant and at the same time a laidback, free man. You could wear such an outfit either in the city or in the countryside. Briefly, you could travel with it, feel comfortable and always look smart. Good deal, isn’t it ? [Note that suede is a nice material. Always looking classy. It is the same to opt for a grey-coloured outfit.]


ICEBERG [third one] prefers to play with light. Mixing white and beige is a soft way to start spring 2014. It is fresh and elegant ; classic and modern. The cigarette pants reflect the distinguished side of the whole while the sweatshirt the casual one. Small detail on the pants : the black strip on the right pocket. The dynamic is this time [in comparison to the ALEXANDER WANG universe] in the geometry and asymmetry. Choose black shoes to break the “all in white“ wise look. Just some free advice.

Last but not least, the next one [below] is a look from DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Like the previous ones, it confirms that the one-coloured will be the absolute “must-have“ of this season. It is so far the most relaxed outfit within the present selection ; everything is casual up to the shape itself. A fresh white/off-white mix is standing in for the usual blue jean shade, the brand’s signature. Note as well that the bermudas‘ length is the perfect one in the sense that it is not “too short“ as if you were going to the beach. It has to be elegant even if summer is coming soon. [Vulgarity is not “women only“] That is why it also important for you, guys, to choose the right size according to your morphology. It is obvious [or seems to be] that if you are not that tall wearing under-the-knees-length bermudas is not the right thing to do. Try to lengthen your silhouette and not to compress it.


That’s it! Start slowly but surely to think about your spring/summer 2014 wardrobe and be innovative. It does not mean that because you have to protect your masculinity [of course you do] you are not allowed to wear light colors or one-coloured outfits. Get dressed in this way is not necessarily “gay connoted“. And it is springtime, OK ?


Source photography : Vogue UK


Marine Deleeuw

Well, what if I say… frenchie, brunette and classy ? Okay, okay. Perfect cheekbones, thick eyebrows and strong face ? She was the face of Barbara Bui Pre Fall 2013. She is maybe a fresh newcomer in the world of fashion, but has already walked for BCBG Max Azria, Jill Stuart, Rag & Bone, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Prada and so on. Only big names, bien sûr. If you see Joséphine Le Tutour, Pauline Hoarau, Manuela Frey, Lieve Dannau or Marilhéa Peillard, she must be somewhere around. Guessed ?

Marine Deleeuw.




She is 19. French – from Valenciennes, to be exact. Discovered by Elite France at the age of 16, she works now for the following agencies: The Society Management in New York, Why Not Model Management in Milan, Premier Model Management in London, View Management in Barcelona, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, m4 models in Hamburg, Elite in Paris and Toronto.

I am wondering if it is really necessary to write an article about her. I am only saying that because you do not need anything more than her strong face, her intense look to understand that she is becoming ‘a catwalk queen’ – as wrote Woman Wear’s Daily after interviewing her.

65. It is the number of Spring/Summer 2014 shows she walked this year. In other words : top girl. It is not really surprising… she is the kind of beauty you can not stop staring at, she has something wild in the eyes and like a ‘dark’ aura, but not in the negative sense – you know exactly what I mean : a mystic aura. Anyway. It must be attractive because Carven chose her to be the face of her Fall/Winter 13 Collection, as well as the ones of Iceberg – sharing the glossy paper with Joséphine Le Tutour & Mijo Mihaljcic – and Moschino – with Dauphine McKee & Elisabeth Erm. And look how stunning she is, photographed by our dear Karl for the Chanel Fall/Winter13 Ready-to-Wear Collection Press Kit.

Marine Deleeuw Chanel F:W 13 Rtw Press Kit

Jealous, girls ? Of course you are! You can not deny that Marine is slowly but surely becoming a face, as well as a body, that we are not about to forget. As the good fashionistas you are, you are obviously aware of how much the French touch pleased – and still does – the fashion galaxy.

Below photographed by Sharif Hamza for Interview Germany, ‘Black Dress’. Professional, isn’t she? In fact, she does not take herself seriously, at least not yet. It will not be long. “Je tire la gueule et ça marche.”, as she said to the magazine ELLE in January 2013. Every model knows how “tirer la gueule”, but Marine does it differently, so nicely, so frenchie. “Un petit air à la Frida Kahlo” as well, according to Erin Doherty, fashion editor in chief of ELLE Paris – must be the eyebrows.

Even if we do not know her that good, we are all – and if you are not, I am –  impatient to see what she ‘has in store’. To be continued…

Marine Deleeuw Interview Germany Black Dress November 2013 - Photographer Sharif Hamza


Source photographies: The Citizens of Fashion – Vogue Japan/by Matt Irwin, British Vogue, ZsaZsa Bellagio and (photographies 4 & 5).

Belstaff, Donna Karan, Maiyet & Versace Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.




ImageWear fur or go home.

After “go big or go home”, that means to maximize your coats (because all we care about this season is the outside and not what is under), it is the turn of fur. Yes, I KNOW, this is NOT THAT KIND for the concerning animals, but there is the “faux fur” alternative those for who would feel bad wearing such a coat. On the other hand, we can not deny that it gives a certain presence.

Belstaff prefers to stay more or less classical, but at the same time comfortable in using fur from part to part, especially emphasizing on the hood ; this breaks the classical rules with a casual touch. And we love it ! Just because the leather-fur mix  in such a mysterious dark brown-black color is young and dynamic. And look at these boots ! You want them… yes, I know, I know. Feminine and elegant, but also adventurer, ready to face up to winter 2013-14. Good choice.

Donna Karan. Fur, as well, but something different, isn’t it ? I would first suppose suede… you guess what follows. Donna Karan’s look is really really noble ; almost proud. Come on ! Not THAT arrogant (only the little bit we need to make our worst enemy jealous… pleasurable). Second, the length: assymetric, longer than Belstaff’s coat and graphic, that’s the point. These high-knee boots are simply gorgeous and match exactly the whole look.

Last but not least, those for who prefer to wear fur subtlety, the next option is for you. Maiyet and Versace sublime their looks in adding some fur accessorizes; it is more discrete, but not less elegant. It is only a different way to play with this game that is fashion. Because we are all different, take everything you can from the runways, mix, match… and find your style.


Source photographies : Vogue UK

Matthew Williamson, Albino & Cedric Charlier Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Ready-to-wear Collection.




It goes larger, larger & larger.

Time for geometric and ample coats, as well as large pants. You are not “easy to get” women, right ? So prefer the others guessing your sexy silhouette, hidden under extra large materials, instead of showing it directly (too easy). Nobody said fashion could not be a game, or even a kind of hunt after figures. Dress also “un peu à la garçon” like Alexa, Lou and company because we all know how sexy we are in our boyfriend’s white T-shirt (of course with a skinny jean and high heels ; T-shirt “in” in the front, please!).

Since 2010 silhouettes are oversized, unstructured, but always elegant. In the past years, clothes were more like a “second skin” (from the 2000’s). In the 70’s, androgyny was the trend with the famous YSL smoking. 20 years later, do some place, please, for sexy sheath dresses. Today’s fashion seems to cover the body more than in the past few years… it does not mean we are less beautiful and feminine ! Big shoulders are back… maybe not exactly like in the 80’s, but with the same meaning : “audacity & power”.


Sources photography : Now Fashion, Vogue Italia & Vogue UK.