What for trends! Spring 2014 | Tribal message, Metallic for daytime & Art Pop.

In my last post, Spring 2014 | Check pattern & Cie., I wrote about patterns. Having distanced myself from it and made some research, I noticed that fashion seemed to be bored with “classical“ patterns. Perhaps Art fell in love with Fashion. The three following trends could be the off(spring) of their meeting.

Celine – “Just power, power to women !“ New. New atmosphere. New fluidity. New Celine. Length rules its catwalk: long tops and long skirts. It could feel heavy ; it is not. Every look brings lightness, somehow. Welcome as well with its collection textile graffiti. Controlled ones, obviously, getting nearer an ethnic scent. Do not be scared, thinking The Celine’ classic touch disappeared. You guess it “beyond“, in the shape – coats speak for themselves. With regards to its range of jewelry, it gets bigger and brighter. Like it, don’t you ?

Haider Ackermann – #classicdraping Thrown here into a darker universe, do not doubt. It is still spring – no colorful flowers anywhere does not necessarily mean no spring at all – Miranda Presley would not deny it. Art appears in here through material. Everything is sober on one hand, but on the other one complexMetallictransparentpleated and fluid. According to Diane Pernet (A Shaded View on Fashion), it was “kind of what we expect“ : a refined style. The show is shiny, that is a fact. But, isn’t it “uplifting“, as said Ed Burtell (Liberty of London) ? Among the three here selected brands, this one is certainly my favorite, just because its liberty in material means elegance, so that springtime looses its flowery romantic “cliché”. And oh, God, that’s good !

Isa Arfen – Eye on skirt SS14 at Isa Arfen is synonym with white light and bright shades. It has subtletly mastered paintbrush on skirts and crop tops, indeed. Art Pop plays with transparency as well as at Haider Ackermann, but not the same showing less and being wiser. The look glides along the silhouette because bright colors here are soft and material obedient. A Saharan foretaste… we melt !


Sources : Vogue British & Isa Arfen


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YES! I write now on my OWN Swiss website !

And I am really enthusiast about it – as you can read it, especially because it is slowly but surely improving with a specific aim at the end. Next year after my degree I plan to attend a fashion college in London indeed. That is why I am making the whole more serious – “trying to“ at least. “C.’s Fashion Diary“ will be my kind of portfolio. The prospects are good, aren’t they ? I hope that they definitely will be. Anyway, let’s go down to business ! Nothing has changed, the content is still the same.


I will naturally continue posting info in here, but please have a look at my website “C.’s Fashion Diary“ – you can find it as well on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr – and do not hesitate to post comments, ideas or suggestions of collaboration. Contact me as well at the following address : cindy@c-point.ch. I would be really pleased to hear from you.

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Spring 2014 | Check pattern & cie.

Spring 2014 is finally here and it seems that our wardrobes are stormed by a rainbow of patterns. Mix and match them depending on your mood of the day and desire : check meets stripestartan points at fur and stripes slip on suit.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014

If you wear black and white patterns, no matter the type, you choose elegance (just like below below). Therefore, set off the whole with colorful accessories like both red Chanel and Valentino bags. Of course, you can as well opt completely for the classical look and at the same time make it offbeat with an oversized clutch.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – New York Fashion Week 06.-13.02.2014


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – Milan Fashion Week 17.-23.02.2014

At designers… Balmain ruled the catwalk with hounders toothCaroline Herrera preferred stripes and floral geometry while Vanessa Bruno went back to school – or to the 70s patterns. If you are a stripes lover, have a look at Altuzarra collection; Burberry if you are in a pastel macaroons and lace mood. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac revisited the military pattern and if Jena.Theo does not sound familiar to you, human skeleton has become a new fashion design. Si, si…


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014


Photography : Vogue.de


Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | 2 “C“ : Casually & Classy.

Here I am again! Finally ! I am entirely aware of the fact that I haven’t written that much since the begin of 2014. The reason is that university is taking a lot of my time, especially during the exams period. I apologize for it but, I know that I publish posts in a irregular way ; this will unfortunately be like this until the end of my degree. On the other hand I shall do my best to write more and more. 

It’s time now to start a new one ! I am so excited to write again, you can’t even know how much I am !

As I am supposed to write more posts for men, I selected some casual looks at four designers in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Those outfits are [or seem to be] really comfortable. It sounds as well that the one-coloured is going to rule this springtime. It is quite unusual for some of you, guys, who do not trust themselves “that“ much. Try once, dare it!  You could be surprised and really like it !


The first one [above] is from ALEXANDER WANG. Black is always a sure value, you can not go wrong wearing a « all in black » look. Promise. It can be boring for some of you but if you watch the collar and the patch pockets are in leather. They are details indeed but, make dynamic the uniformity of the whole. That’s subtle… which is cool.


The second one is a TRUSSARDI‘s look. So that you know, the designer wanted to create an oasis atmosphere, like the models would had crashed into a desert. That is why they had to represent an elegant and at the same time a laidback, free man. You could wear such an outfit either in the city or in the countryside. Briefly, you could travel with it, feel comfortable and always look smart. Good deal, isn’t it ? [Note that suede is a nice material. Always looking classy. It is the same to opt for a grey-coloured outfit.]


ICEBERG [third one] prefers to play with light. Mixing white and beige is a soft way to start spring 2014. It is fresh and elegant ; classic and modern. The cigarette pants reflect the distinguished side of the whole while the sweatshirt the casual one. Small detail on the pants : the black strip on the right pocket. The dynamic is this time [in comparison to the ALEXANDER WANG universe] in the geometry and asymmetry. Choose black shoes to break the “all in white“ wise look. Just some free advice.

Last but not least, the next one [below] is a look from DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Like the previous ones, it confirms that the one-coloured will be the absolute “must-have“ of this season. It is so far the most relaxed outfit within the present selection ; everything is casual up to the shape itself. A fresh white/off-white mix is standing in for the usual blue jean shade, the brand’s signature. Note as well that the bermudas‘ length is the perfect one in the sense that it is not “too short“ as if you were going to the beach. It has to be elegant even if summer is coming soon. [Vulgarity is not “women only“] That is why it also important for you, guys, to choose the right size according to your morphology. It is obvious [or seems to be] that if you are not that tall wearing under-the-knees-length bermudas is not the right thing to do. Try to lengthen your silhouette and not to compress it.


That’s it! Start slowly but surely to think about your spring/summer 2014 wardrobe and be innovative. It does not mean that because you have to protect your masculinity [of course you do] you are not allowed to wear light colors or one-coloured outfits. Get dressed in this way is not necessarily “gay connoted“. And it is springtime, OK ?


Source photography : Vogue UK

Street fashion | Models spotted in Milan. Fall 2013.


Give us coats, we want coats !

My new rubric is officially on ! Let us talk about fashion in its simplest device, in the street. Not THAT far from us.

Because winter 2013-14 has just begun, I find it is a good idea to start with our best friend during this time of the year (I know I am right. And I know exactly how excited you feel when you are thinking about the type of coat you are going to wear this year). Unmasked !

I am particularly enthusiastic regarding coats because some of this season can be really big, oversized and boyish, what I find enjoyable at the highest point. But, it does not necessarily mean that you have to choose these ones. The classical ones will always be there for you, no doubt about it ! As well as those in an officer mood.

First, it is quite important to choose the coat’s shape depending your morphology (I would say that it is something you always have to be aware of… no matter the type of cloth). The same with the color. But, it is obvious that you already know which one suits you better and which one makes you look like… (yes, you know). And the length. That is the point ! You can play with it and choose a two-size-more-than-usual coat being absolutely conscious of your act. So cheeky ! We love it.


Personally, I do really like wearing my coat wide open (even it is -5° outside…I mean…what is most important ? Maybe it could be related to my repeated cold state ?) Anyway. It lets people guess what you are wearing under and gives a kind of fluency to the whole look and to the silhouette as well. And this mysterious Sherlock’s look you get wearing it in this way… Benedict Cumberbatch knows exactly what I am talking about. British like often (you have to excuse my profound love for England and her adored London).


Source photographies : IMAXtree via Style Bistro