Dearest darling…


Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

That’s elegance, girls! The “femme fatale” by excellence. Sexy but classy. Jealous ? You are right.

There is power in the pen’s stroke ; S-H-E is powerful. A long black fitting dress & a shiny diamonds necklace : worthy of a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The black dress, little or not, is a sure value, a “must have”.  If it is not the case, find the one perfect for you ! No regrets… I assure you. I said black but maybe Walter had another color in mind : red for passion ?

No matter. It is exactly the role of a fashion croquis : to let you imagine the finished look on the catwalk. It is the begin of a wonderful look… there are maybe only ideas thrown on paper but this is called creativity and inventiveness. The form is ready, it is your turn to visualize the next step. Have fun…


Croquis author : Walter Sousa

Source photography : C.


Black & White. Sophisticated croquis.

IMG_1027 2“Draw me… fashion.”

It seems to be simple : one pencil stroke here, another one there. But it is not. I think it is a gift, a talent… a part of the soul. I admire and envy it because I can not draw like this and that’s quite frustrating for me because fashion is everything in my life.

I must say that this is a very important part of fashion because the look we can see on the catwalk springs on paper. Maybe in the mind of the designer first.

This croquis and the next ones bring to my blog a different and refreshing touch; I like it. That’s why I am very thankful to Walter Sousa who drew a few fashion croquis just for me, for my blog.

To be continued…


Author croquis : Walter Sousa

Source photography : C.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale - Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams fait rêver grâce à son talent artistique. Chacune de ses oeuvres est magistrale. Celle-ci tout particulièrement…

“Femme fatale”. C’est elle, cette femme que nous envions toutes. Elle est la classe et l’élégance, le charme et la sensualité. Le sexe fort ne l’effraie pas; elle est bien au-delà de cela. Une cigarette à la main, du haut de ses talons aiguilles, le monde lui appartient.

Mystérieuse. Pour ses lèvres rouge carmin et son regard ténébreux, l’arrogance lui est aisément attribuée. A prendre ou à laisser, mais elle a tout juste: il manque souvent au style l’attitude.

Si cette beauté fatale est jalousée, la faute (ou pas) à son aura.

Splendide. Classe. Jalousez-la, grand bien lui fera!


Source illustration : haute-pursuit