“Midnight & Classy Night“ developed into “C.’s Fashion Diary“ ! Right here : c-point.ch



YES! I write now on my OWN Swiss website !

And I am really enthusiast about it – as you can read it, especially because it is slowly but surely improving with a specific aim at the end. Next year after my degree I plan to attend a fashion college in London indeed. That is why I am making the whole more serious – “trying to“ at least. “C.’s Fashion Diary“ will be my kind of portfolio. The prospects are good, aren’t they ? I hope that they definitely will be. Anyway, let’s go down to business ! Nothing has changed, the content is still the same.


I will naturally continue posting info in here, but please have a look at my website “C.’s Fashion Diary“ – you can find it as well on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr – and do not hesitate to post comments, ideas or suggestions of collaboration. Contact me as well at the following address : cindy@c-point.ch. I would be really pleased to hear from you.

Let us enhance our dialogue about Fashion ! #gettingbetter

Take care & stay tuned 😉



Street Fashion. Street Style.

Street Fashion. Street Style.

Call it as you want to, you prefer to. It is up to you. Nonetheless, let me introduce this new rubric on my blog! It is such a pleasure for me to start writing on street shots because it is something new and I like when habit is broken – even if I find it difficult to get used to change. Anyway. Right ? Somehow change is “almost” always positive. So… let us write and rewrite about street shots of models or – why not – of ordinary people like you and me ! Just think that the street is a catwalk, “our” catwalk, to be exact. My enthusiasm is increasing more and more and that, only due this last thought.

I hope you will enjoy my articles, comments, likes and dislikes about the following selections I have prepared for you. And you, men, do not believe that I would not try to find some fashion treasures on your behalf. Be patient.

Nevertooreal Street Style :blackbluecoat+bagIworkbecause

Last but not least, I have to specify the reason why I start writing about what is happening on the street. Thanks to Jerome of Never Too Real. (Visit his blog… you will love it : models everywhere, really good shots, and so on.). He asked me – not directly – if it could be possible to create a review on my blog for everything what concerns street fashion. I have to admit I did really like his idea. You know now the “why & how”. Take care, everyone!


Source photography : Model Eliza Kukawska by Never Too Real