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YES! I write now on my OWN Swiss website !

And I am really enthusiast about it – as you can read it, especially because it is slowly but surely improving with a specific aim at the end. Next year after my degree I plan to attend a fashion college in London indeed. That is why I am making the whole more serious – “trying to“ at least. “C.’s Fashion Diary“ will be my kind of portfolio. The prospects are good, aren’t they ? I hope that they definitely will be. Anyway, let’s go down to business ! Nothing has changed, the content is still the same.


I will naturally continue posting info in here, but please have a look at my website “C.’s Fashion Diary“ – you can find it as well on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr – and do not hesitate to post comments, ideas or suggestions of collaboration. Contact me as well at the following address : cindy@c-point.ch. I would be really pleased to hear from you.

Let us enhance our dialogue about Fashion ! #gettingbetter

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Spring 2014 | Check pattern & cie.

Spring 2014 is finally here and it seems that our wardrobes are stormed by a rainbow of patterns. Mix and match them depending on your mood of the day and desire : check meets stripestartan points at fur and stripes slip on suit.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014

If you wear black and white patterns, no matter the type, you choose elegance (just like below below). Therefore, set off the whole with colorful accessories like both red Chanel and Valentino bags. Of course, you can as well opt completely for the classical look and at the same time make it offbeat with an oversized clutch.


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – New York Fashion Week 06.-13.02.2014


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – Milan Fashion Week 17.-23.02.2014

At designers… Balmain ruled the catwalk with hounders toothCaroline Herrera preferred stripes and floral geometry while Vanessa Bruno went back to school – or to the 70s patterns. If you are a stripes lover, have a look at Altuzarra collection; Burberry if you are in a pastel macaroons and lace mood. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac revisited the military pattern and if Jena.Theo does not sound familiar to you, human skeleton has become a new fashion design. Si, si…


© Søren Jepsen (The Locals) – London Fashion Week 13.-18.02.2014


Photography : Vogue.de


Street Fashion. Street Style.

Street Fashion. Street Style.

Call it as you want to, you prefer to. It is up to you. Nonetheless, let me introduce this new rubric on my blog! It is such a pleasure for me to start writing on street shots because it is something new and I like when habit is broken – even if I find it difficult to get used to change. Anyway. Right ? Somehow change is “almost” always positive. So… let us write and rewrite about street shots of models or – why not – of ordinary people like you and me ! Just think that the street is a catwalk, “our” catwalk, to be exact. My enthusiasm is increasing more and more and that, only due this last thought.

I hope you will enjoy my articles, comments, likes and dislikes about the following selections I have prepared for you. And you, men, do not believe that I would not try to find some fashion treasures on your behalf. Be patient.

Nevertooreal Street Style :blackbluecoat+bagIworkbecause

Last but not least, I have to specify the reason why I start writing about what is happening on the street. Thanks to Jerome of Never Too Real. (Visit his blog… you will love it : models everywhere, really good shots, and so on.). He asked me – not directly – if it could be possible to create a review on my blog for everything what concerns street fashion. I have to admit I did really like his idea. You know now the “why & how”. Take care, everyone!


Source photography : Model Eliza Kukawska by Never Too Real

Marine Deleeuw

Well, what if I say… frenchie, brunette and classy ? Okay, okay. Perfect cheekbones, thick eyebrows and strong face ? She was the face of Barbara Bui Pre Fall 2013. She is maybe a fresh newcomer in the world of fashion, but has already walked for BCBG Max Azria, Jill Stuart, Rag & Bone, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Prada and so on. Only big names, bien sûr. If you see Joséphine Le Tutour, Pauline Hoarau, Manuela Frey, Lieve Dannau or Marilhéa Peillard, she must be somewhere around. Guessed ?

Marine Deleeuw.




She is 19. French – from Valenciennes, to be exact. Discovered by Elite France at the age of 16, she works now for the following agencies: The Society Management in New York, Why Not Model Management in Milan, Premier Model Management in London, View Management in Barcelona, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, m4 models in Hamburg, Elite in Paris and Toronto.

I am wondering if it is really necessary to write an article about her. I am only saying that because you do not need anything more than her strong face, her intense look to understand that she is becoming ‘a catwalk queen’ – as wrote Woman Wear’s Daily after interviewing her.

65. It is the number of Spring/Summer 2014 shows she walked this year. In other words : top girl. It is not really surprising… she is the kind of beauty you can not stop staring at, she has something wild in the eyes and like a ‘dark’ aura, but not in the negative sense – you know exactly what I mean : a mystic aura. Anyway. It must be attractive because Carven chose her to be the face of her Fall/Winter 13 Collection, as well as the ones of Iceberg – sharing the glossy paper with Joséphine Le Tutour & Mijo Mihaljcic – and Moschino – with Dauphine McKee & Elisabeth Erm. And look how stunning she is, photographed by our dear Karl for the Chanel Fall/Winter13 Ready-to-Wear Collection Press Kit.

Marine Deleeuw Chanel F:W 13 Rtw Press Kit

Jealous, girls ? Of course you are! You can not deny that Marine is slowly but surely becoming a face, as well as a body, that we are not about to forget. As the good fashionistas you are, you are obviously aware of how much the French touch pleased – and still does – the fashion galaxy.

Below photographed by Sharif Hamza for Interview Germany, ‘Black Dress’. Professional, isn’t she? In fact, she does not take herself seriously, at least not yet. It will not be long. “Je tire la gueule et ça marche.”, as she said to the magazine ELLE in January 2013. Every model knows how “tirer la gueule”, but Marine does it differently, so nicely, so frenchie. “Un petit air à la Frida Kahlo” as well, according to Erin Doherty, fashion editor in chief of ELLE Paris – must be the eyebrows.

Even if we do not know her that good, we are all – and if you are not, I am –  impatient to see what she ‘has in store’. To be continued…

Marine Deleeuw Interview Germany Black Dress November 2013 - Photographer Sharif Hamza


Source photographies: The Citizens of Fashion – Vogue Japan/by Matt Irwin, British Vogue, ZsaZsa Bellagio and Models.com (photographies 4 & 5).

Cara Delevingne for Burberry.


Burberry & Cara. One and unique fashion. Masters of Elegance.

Perfect make up for a perfect woman.

Fashion is a wonderful world where everything is permitted. We’re all different within this universe, trying to find out our personality.

Dare and be the one. Try and be unique. That’s it.

Don’t think too much, it’s not the best way to choose. Just be yourself. Fashion has to be the mirror of your soul and reflect who you are.


Source photography : Public