On the runway of Karen Walker Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


Karen Walker SS 2013 RTW look 24

Frange, es-tu là ?

It is light, it is fresh, it is romantic & boyish. This is a pretty kind of mix : pastel colors are perfect for right now. Flashy and flashy always. Why don’t try to play with transparency ? It also means passion and creativity. Don’t worry…

Put dresses and skirts away, make room for some pants and shorts because they can transmit femininity too. Choose white spotted ones just because it is less annoying and because it is THE summer’s color. You need to feel comfortable under the sun, then opt for ample clothes. (And always high-waisted if you want to look classic and chic)

Spotted below does not mean no spotted overhead : you are totally right if you associate two different styles or more. (Only pay attention to the “too much”) Don’t be aggressive and prefer some pretty light blue and nude. It will give you some softness, even if you have none.

Accessories : this year white nail polish is very trendy. To complete the boyish look : Derbys of course, and those for who want to look sexier wear high heels but please no stilettos (shoes have to match the whole look). For the make up, nude as always + a rosy glossy lipstick. Is it too nude for you ? Ok, let’s wear some glitter sunglasses (the only one crazy touch).

“Et n’oubliez pas la frange. Un peu petite fille mais tellement preppy !”


Source photographies : Elle


On the runway of Temperley London Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


50’s so pretty, so sweet !!

It is time to look pretty, Girls. The temperature is raising, the sun shinning and the skin tanning. “See, sex & sun”. Isn’t it ?

Not exactly (or not for everyone). You can choose to stay a bit more classy and elegant than just becoming black and transpiring like a melted chocolate under the sun (or things like that). This means nice dresses and colorful peep toes. No need of a brown tan like if you are coming back from the Maldives ; a porcelain skin has its advantages too. A fruity cocktail in a hype lounge bar with some of your girls sounds as well as dancing on the beach until 5am.

That’s why this Temperley London dress says everything : pretty, pretty and pretty again. The size is marked with a thin belt, the hair are worked in a messy “banane” and the sunglasses matching the whole look. Red, blue and yellow meet in geometrical ways what gives movement to the dress.

The flashy touch of the peep toes is a good choice because the silhouette becomes sexier. It simply takes away the “wise girl” side and leaves place for the pin up we all have within us. (Choose flat shoes if you want to look like a Modern Times princess… your man will eat you for sure)

Walk fashion baby, walk !


Source photography : Fashionemia 

On the runway of Josie Natori Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


josie-natori_001SS 2013 RTW

Snow white & the Sun.

Summer is about to come ladies ! Why not try the “all in white” look ? No need of the color block’s style. Pretty transparency and nice prints, this is your turn ! And because you are all in white, choose a fresh and natural make up : a blue line of eyeliner and that’s it !

Garbo’s pants and a high waist skirt : classical but very elegant and comfortable at the same time. The clothes are ample which is more Pleasant during the summer time. Because of this amplitude in the material (and the heat), prefer a plated bun that you can embellish with some little (or big for those who are not afraid of anything!) flowers.

It is all in simplicity. The only one eccentric touch in the looks is the big bronze bracelet for the first one and the green silky pumps for the second one. Stay natural to the bitter end and adopt a classy french manicure to conserve this angelic aura.

Dare the “all in white” ! It will give you a healthy look and you will dazzle the street with your freshness.


Source photography : Vogue Italia 

On the runway of Zac Posen Spring Summer 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection.


Black Swan & Suit.

It looks like a mini dance tutu…without the ballet slippers. Lightness is still present as well as Grace. “Pointé, plié, pas de bourré… entrechats.” Ballerinas are so beautiful…or wonderful ? Both. My little sister is one of them. I like watching her (hidden behind the wall) when she practices (dances) in the sitting room. Anyway. Dance is the expression of the soul. A delicious gift from God.

Black & white ? No, it is even better. Navy blue & cream. The size is very highlighted by the volume of the corset. The amplitude of the trousers extends the silhouette and give the Garbo’s touch to the whole look.

No need of a jewelry’s adornment, dangling cream earrings and a nice big ring suffice. It is a sleek style, that means refinement. Don’t add any necklace, it would make the neckline heavier. The skin is already a jewel in itself. Appreciate…


Source photography : The Best Fashion Blog

Dearest darling…


Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

That’s elegance, girls! The “femme fatale” by excellence. Sexy but classy. Jealous ? You are right.

There is power in the pen’s stroke ; S-H-E is powerful. A long black fitting dress & a shiny diamonds necklace : worthy of a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The black dress, little or not, is a sure value, a “must have”.  If it is not the case, find the one perfect for you ! No regrets… I assure you. I said black but maybe Walter had another color in mind : red for passion ?

No matter. It is exactly the role of a fashion croquis : to let you imagine the finished look on the catwalk. It is the begin of a wonderful look… there are maybe only ideas thrown on paper but this is called creativity and inventiveness. The form is ready, it is your turn to visualize the next step. Have fun…


Croquis author : Walter Sousa

Source photography : C.