“Roshambo” from Free People.

A video from Free People for the 2013 brand’s February catalog.

I am maybe in a romantic mood this week… why ? That’s a good question. No need to answer to it. Sometimes you just have to accept it and live it as well as you can… life is a present. Accept the questions without knowing the answers.

The music of this short film is very very nice, just romantic enough. Quite and sensual. The whole mixed with a fine Oriental touch. A nice fashion journey begins…

I would say that there is gypsy style in the air : “sport chic” for him and “bohème” for her. Hats and hats over and over again… she is very stylish! And on the one hand… mysterious.

It is like a summertime sadness at the end of the film. Don’t know where they will go ; together or not. That’s love and fashion.

Love, because nothing can be sure. If that was the case, love would not be attractive at all. Just a game that never ends…

Fashion, because it has to surprise us every year, every day, every minute and every second. Fashion is art and art explodes, shines and impresses. Never the same, always different.

Love and fashion together, the most beautiful couple…

“One hour, sounds good…”


Director (s): Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe
Creative Director(s): Free People and Brody Baker for Starworks Group
Concept By: Free People
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Producer: Starworks Group
Associate Producer: Connor Doherty for Starworks Group

Chris: Christopher Abbott
Sheila: Sheila Marquez

Post Production Co: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Producer: Carl Walters


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